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China Town, 1928 marks the beginning of KARAT. 90 years and 4 boutiques later, our guaranteed quality and production built from exceptional materials have never hindered or changed from when we first began, making KARAT one of Thailand's most trusted and number one jeweler.


Renowned for our astounding quality and brilliance have always believed that quality and our highly-skilled luxurious design is crucial in complementing the wearer's beauty and elegance regardless of gender, highlighting and bringing forth what is there instead of upstaging it. From Asia, the United States, to the Middle East, KARAT has served countless satisfied customers, as it is our belief to provide the utmost excellent and assistive service as well as quick and professional quality. 

With a goal to shine beautifully beside you, we have mastered our perfectly refined craftsmanship; whether it is custom jewelry pieces for any occasion, to prodigious diamond rings tailored to your liking we are able to source the best quality of materials and meet your every need. At KARAT, we strive to create every piece with step-by-step, ensuring that each piece is nothing less than a masterpiece that will turn heads everywhere you go. 

We believe that jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make anyone feel unique and powerful, with KARAT, everything and every day becomes unique and powerful.  


Mana Vijitkasemkij, Chairman,

Karat Jewelry Co. Ltd.

Attapol Vijitkasemkij, Executive Managing Director, 

Karat Jewelry Co. Ltd.

Varinthorn Boonbandansook, Associate Managing Director,

Karat Jewelry Co. Ltd.


Thanet Vijitkasemkij, Managing Director,

Karatise Thailand Co. Ltd.


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